Square Plant Pots

Square plant pots are available in a range of materials and colors. The two most common materials are plastic, ceramic.

These pots are actually cubes – with each side being the same length. Ceramic pots must have thicker walls then plastic pots. This can add to the effect of the pot.

Square pots are ideally situated in pairs – one at either side of a door, or at the entrance to a patio or decking area.

The popular glaze for square plant pots is a dark blue, which looks excellent – creating a great contrast against wood decking or the concrete slabs of a patio.

Square plant pots are typically small – much smaller then the more traditional round pots, and the typical size for a square pot is 12 inches or 1 foot.

Apart from the aesthetics of the pot – there are no advantages or disadvantages to using square pots. Square pots are becoming more common as more people change their garden to a more modern design which is more likely to choose cube plant pots.