Plastic Plant Pots Plastic plant pots are typically replica terracotta, but many styles are now starting to be developed – some manufactures are capable of replicating stone, or even painted / glazed pots.

Plastic plant pots are low cost, and unaffected by the weather – for instance, ceramic / clay pots can crack because of frost. This will not happen with plastic pots.

Plastic also gives you the widest range of sizes. If you desire large plants in your garden, plastic tubs could be purchased. These are available in sizes large enough to contain medium sized trees.

Being plastic makes the plant pots strong and light. They can be molded to feature complicated patterns and designs – usually only available on more expensive ceramic pots. Plastic plant pots can also feature inbuilt wheels / rollers. This allows you to easily move your garden around – moving plants into the sunlight at certain times of the day, or just moving them for a change.

One possible concern with plastic plant pots is that very cheap pots can be affected by direct sunlight – the ultraviolet light (UV), can make the pots brittle and damage easily. If they are colored, they can start to fade. It is important to pay the bit extra and buy pots that are UV stabilized polyethylene. This will insure that the pots will last and be unaffected by sunlight.