Painted Indoor Plant Pots

My friend’s birthday is fast approaching and I would love to buy her a hand painted indoor plant pot – I would really like it if I could do it myself, as I know this would mean more to her, and it is much more personal. I enjoy painting and have some designs already in mind. What paints or colors will look bright, and not fade in sunlight or will not run in the rain?


Wow, that is a very nice idea! I’m sure your friend will love it. The best paints to use would be acrylic paints – these have rich vibrant colors, and are easy to apply and inexpensive. Make sure you have an area covered with a sheet to protect work surfaces. Invest in some cheap brushes to do your designs – these can then just be thrown away (as acrylic is very hard to remove from brushes). After you have finished your design – spray the pot in clear spray lacquer to make the pot waterproof. We would love to see a picture of you pot when it’s done – please send it in. Kind Regards.