Outdoor Plant Pots

There are very few rules on choosing outdoor plants pots; it more depends on your own tastes then any specific requirements.

The only two points of advice on outdoor plant pots are:

  • Unglazed plant pots can crack when it’s very cold – caused by frost.
  • Plastic plant pots need to be UV treated to stop them from being damaged by the sun.

 Apart from these two snippets of advice, the rest is up to you. If you are purchasing large pots – a Garden Dolly / Garden Cart could be a worthwhile investment – these small wheeled stands make it much easier to move your pots around. This is particularly useful for the heavy ceramic pots. Some plastic pots have wheels built in.

You should also remember that Outdoor plant pots do not have the same drainage has as growing a plant in the ground. Too much water and not enough holes in the bottom could cause your pots to become waterlogged. Consider a level of gravel at the bottom of each pot to get better drainage. In dryer states or countries the soil in the containers could dry up much quicker – so it is important to water regularly. On very hot days, it may be necessary to water your plants twice a day.