Modern Plant Pots

As with technology, today’s décor is becoming that of very a smooth, minimalistic, pure color design. This is often referred to as a Japanese style of design.

This method is starting to be found everywhere – from your slick mp3 player, to your living room, and most recently in your garden.

Despite this very simplistic approach being new to the western world, it has been the style of choice in Japan for hundreds of years.

Modern plant pots are very smooth, glazed with pure colors, and have rounded edges with straight lines. There is already a wide range of pots to choose from.

Another modern design is shine or reflective glazes or paints. Stainless steal or chrome pots are emerging. These pots are typically plastic with a painted coat. If used correctly, such as near a water feature or pond, these pots can look fantastically modern, however too many and located incorrectly and your modern slick garden can soon start looking tacky and cheap.

When most people think of a modern garden – despite being labeled as designer or contemporary, they are typically thinking at a traditional Japanese water garden.

What is needed to create your own modern or Japanese garden:

  • Modern Plant pots – glazed pots.
  • Water feature or pond
  • Lighting – lanterns, solar.
  • Traditional or modern ornaments. Typically irregular shapes or spheres.
  • Simplistic furniture – simple benches, simple tables, etc.