Large Plant Pots

Large plant pots are becoming easier to buy, as more and more people are choosing to own a potted garden. The largest plant pots you can buy are plastic. These UV stabilized plastic plant pots can be large enough for trees, or wide enough to feature a whole array of flowers, plants and shrubs.

A typical description of a large pot is one over a meter wide. This is large enough for Hydrangeas and most other large flowering shrubs.

Hydrangeas are actually well suited to large plant pots, as the large flowers which last from early spring to late autumn – can have their color altered by changing the PH level of the soil. This would be much harder if grown in the ground compared to pots. By choosing acidic soil, you can change the color of the Hydrangea to blue, whereas alkaline produces pink or purple flowers. Neutral soil produces pale white flowers. This could be a fantastic project for a potted garden owner.

Apart from plastic pots, which are low cost but unloved by many gardeners; wooden pots are the next largest material that large plant pots are made from. Created the same way as wine barrels, with metal hoops holding thin staves of wood, some wooden plant pots are actually old wine barrels cut in half. This can give a fantastic old appearance, and really add an affect to your garden, and a great way of recycling old barrels.

The typical half barrel size wooden plant pots are large enough for most people. Ceramic pots – glazed or unglazed, are also available in large sizes, though these are typically much taller then wooden or plastic pots. These can look stunning with the right color of plants, though the cost of a large ceramic plant pot can be very expensive.