Indoor Plant Pots

Indoor plant pots need to be compact, light and easy to move around. This makes plastic the perfect material for indoor pots. Plastic also offers the widest range of sizes and designs. Plastic pots can be long and narrow, to create a small garden inside your home.

Apart from plastic, ceramic pots are the next best indoor plant pot. The range of ceramic pots is huge. There are literally thousands of colors, designs, style to choose from. Without the risk of frost cracking the pots that are kept indoors – it is also possible to choose many unglazed styles.

Keeping plants indoors can be much harder then outside – as it is typically much warmer indoors, so the water in the soil evaporates quicker. This can be overcome by keeping your plant pot in a plant pot saucer. Plant pot saucers are very shallow dishes that you stand your plant pot on. This keeps a lot of the water in the pot – and this will keep the soil moist – then all you will need to do is follow the exact requirements of the plant.

Another type of indoor plant pots is a plant terrarium – these special plant pots allow you to grow more exotic plants that typically require a much higher humidity or heat, and as they hold the moisture in the air, the plants require less watering.