Garden Flower Pots

Garden flower pots are much smaller then typical plant pots. Specifically designed to be easily moved, these pots are available in a range of styles and colors.

As the name suggests, these smaller pots are specially designed for flowers – in order to achieve the most beautiful flowers, the flower pots can be moved around to follow the sun, turned so all sides get sunlight, insuring a full bloom. The pots are also easily taken indoors in cold weather – or even heavy rain, to protect delicate petals.

Traditionally flower pots were made from terracotta. Terracotta is an excellent color that is none distracting, and takes nothing away from the color of the flowers. Despite this, most garden flower pots are now typically made from glazed ceramic, although plastic pots are also available. Terracotta is much more fragile then ceramic, and is less vulnerable to frost. You can still purchase Terracotta flower pots – and some manufactures have higher temperature kilns to allow unglazed pots exposure to temperatures as low as minus 15.

The typical design/style of flower pots is cylindrical narrow at the bottom – and wider at the top. If you asked someone to draw a plant pot – the chances are they would draw the shape of a flower pot. Other styles are available however.