Exotic Plants

As gardeners – or garden enthusiasts, you do not want to have a vase of exotic flowers on your table – you want them living and growing in your yard! Don’t you! DON’T YOU!

There is nothing wrong with that – but let’s be realistic – what is achievable depends on where you live. Unfortunately no matter how much we like the Bird of Paradise plant (Strelitzia reginae as shown in picture) – it’s not going to grow in your garden in the UK. Even in Cornwall.
So how exotic can you get in your yard/garden. And are you willing to bring your garden indoors – will your wife/husband like your bonsai trees coming in every night?

Let's stick to some real basic ideas – and see what looks exotic, because it is not commonly grown, but is well suited to your available growing conditions.

One way of adding something exotic to your garden in the UK is a cabbage tree. How exotic do they look! Like a palm tree they do, and they will grow great in Britain’s cooler climate.

In the USA – the types of exotic plants that can be grown successfully is very broad indeed. Depending on your state, you may be able to grow cacti, palms, and even more exotic plants as seen in the rainforests and Africa. The best place to see what is available is at a local garden centre – where skilled and helpful staff will be able to assist you in what is possible in your location.