Ceramic Garden Pots

Ceramic garden pots are properly the most popular plant pots available – as such there is a greater choice in ceramic pots then any other.

Ceramic garden pots are strong, reasonably priced and available in a wide range of colors, finishes, and sizes.

Glazed pots – or ceramic pots are pots that have been finished with a coat of paint before being hardened in the kiln. These are the best choice of ceramic pots. They will not crack like terracotta pots, and look much more stylish then plastic. The wide range of colors and styles also means you can get your garden looking exactly the way you want.

You can match the color of your pots to the flowers or shrubs you are planning on growing. Glazed pots look great on patios, and dark colors can make your pots stand out more when stood on grass.

Just as the right color glazed pot can complement your garden – choosing the wrong color, or having too many clashing colors can make your garden “cheap” and “tacky”. Choose colors that compliment each other. If more then one pot will be next to each other – keep them all the same color. One of the most popular pot colors is a rich dark blue.

If you are very serious about colors, you could use a color chart or color wheel to see which colors work together.

For a modern garden, try to choose pastel colors, and square pots, or very smooth rounded pots.